bringing old characters back! <3

Jaime (girl on left) is owned by xenokaii and my monster bby, Cadis is owned by moi.

experimented with a slightly different coloring style.

Always wanted to continue their story even if the DA group they originated from died a long time ago. lol

a minor supporting character in my story project. He is a traveler and salesman; plus i gave him a half llama half donkey friend named Mush. 

Doesn’t talk much. He has more bad days then good days for sales.

His name is “thatguy” cuz i really don’t know what else to call him

3rd character for my story project. She blushes the color jade…

She’s gonna be the first villain of the story. > 3 > 

another character sheet for my story project, DragonKiss.

Her name is Fuu

i’m pretty amped with the new update system in warframe altho its still pretty glitchy. After 20+ missions, finally got myself a kubrow egg and it just finished incubation just this morning. ahhh, alien pups are so cute. Their parents not so much…

you can add me as a friend if you play warframe, username is tanginova.


speedpaint of excalibur from Warframe. 

working on commissions

going to open full slots again soon

link to RL commissions info…

making a new story project and also trying a more simplified style.

chara 01

I’ve been playing Warframe recently and kinda taken a liking to it, If anyone wants to add me as a friend or also plays warframe (via steam) let me know! (my username is tanginova )

(Also looking for a clan to join)

Design character trade with countercanon@DA. She requested a kemonomimi design. I decided to do a kemonomimi design based on the asian mythological dragon offspring, Pixiu. Half lion, bird, dragon I think?? Pixiu loves money. like me

but omg, such an overdue trade, orz

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